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Powder and granules

With for instance Gericke and DMN as the main supplier, AG is able to supply process equipment and necessary accessories that covers the process from goods reception to packaging of final product

Vibrating Screens

Control the particle size and avoid unwanted elements in your downstream process. A cost-effective way to recycle product or quality assure your product. Safety screens and classification screens of powder and slurry’s are available in a wide range of sizes and capacities. We have a unique variety of equipment and a large number of good international references.

Vibrating Screens

Virto Group

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Rotary valves

Output of valves can be delivered for dosing negative pressure or overpressure. We have special valves for high temperatures and abrasive Products.

DMN rotary valves

Dosing Devices

Vi kan levere volumetriske og gravimetriske doseringsapparater for de fleste typer produkt. Både innen prosessindustrien, farmasi og næringsmiddel.

Volumetric Feeders

Gravimetric Feeders

Lump Crusher

Efficient crushing of lumps and agglomerates. Lumps are crushed down to 1 mm. Feeding can be up to 24 m3 / h



Designed for low energy consumption, optimized mixing and careful handling of the product. "Batch" mixers with single or double-shaft to meet individual needs. We also supply continuous mixer




Big bags and small bags

Dust-free handling of small bags and big bags are a necessity to maintain good hygiene, reduce contamination in products and to reduce the risk of explosion. We provide ergonomically designed bag emptier and bag-fillers for all purposes.

Sack Tipping and Feeding Stations

Mucon iris valve

A versatile valve with many uses.

Mucon valves

Transportation and dosing screws

Mechanical dust free transport of powder granules. In pipes or trough-constructions. Transports quickly and efficiently large capacities.

Screw conveyors

Centrifugal sifters

A good choice for control screening - when one wants an assurance that all material further in the process shall not exceed a defined size, or to ensure that the product not contain impurities.

"In-line" sifting

Centrifugal sifters

Sifter screens

Vibrating Feeder

For extremely gentle product transportation, vibration are the solution. We have vibration solutions in all available sizes and executions.

Silo and bulk plants

AG delivers turnkey silo stations, as well as all of the individual Components.

Transport systems

AG provides solutions based on both pneumatic and mechanical transport. Our supliers also provides access to spare parts at competitive prices.

Powder handling - a science

Powder is a separate discipline. AG has over the years been involved in many industrial projects, and contributed to helping customers find the optimal solution.


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