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Water treatment

Alfsen og Gunderson is a premium supplier of all types of water treatment technology. We design and supply complete treatment plants for drinking water, process water and waste water. We supply package solutions for offshore that satisfy the stringent requirements.


We supply package solutions for drinking water treatment based on the use of UV disinfection and chlorine. For process fluids we supply strainers, filters and mixers that satisfy the stringent offshore requirements. AG is accredited in the Achilles system.

Drinking water

AG is an expert in drinking water treatment technologies, with products adapted to both groundwater sources and surface water, including membrane technology, direct filtration and ion exchange technology. Plants can be supplemented with straining, corrosion control, pH-adjustment and disinfection processes. In developing our technologies, we have collaborated closely with NTNU and the research foundation SINTEF.

Process water

AG has supplied process water purification plants to many companies in Norwegian industry. One example being the purification plant for the new bottling facility at the Ringnes brewery, with upstream sand filters, carbon filters and automation. We have also supplied a plant to Arcus’ wine and spirits production facility in Oslo. At Tinfos Øye Smelteverk we have supplied filter equipment for removal of PAH in effluent water.

Waste water

AG collaborates with Läckeby Water in Sweden, which manufactures Roto-Sieve drum screens for mechanical cleaning of municipal and industrial waste water. Almost 300 screens have been supplied to the Norwegian market.

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