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Transport systems

AG provides solutions based on both pneumatic and mechanical transport, and through its supplier network has access to spare parts at competitive prices.

Pneumatic conveying

Especially within the pneumatic transport systems AG has strengthened its position as market leader. Solid expertise in various powder materials require different solutions for trouble-free transportation is critical to ensure customer a system that works optimally. Our supplier, Swiss Gericke, it possesses high expertise with extensive experience and an advanced laboratory. Here powders are tested in full scale that gives the customer assurance that the chosen solution is correct.
As alternative to the transmitters or "dense phase" systems, the AG also delivers "lean phase", "medium phase" and vacuum systems.
Overview - pneumatic systemes 

Mechanical transport

Mechanical transportation of powders and granules. Transports quickly and efficiently large capacities.

Screw conveyors

Pneumatic powder transporter

Gentle transport prevents abrasion and decomposition of the product combined with high capacity. Low air consumption gives low transport speed, 5.1 m / s "Pulse-line" system for demanding tasks. Capacity up to 150 m3 / h and transport lengths up to 800 m


Through our suppliers we can supply valves for virtually every need. From the simple series-produced ones to special valves for abrasive and demanding tasks.

DMN rotary valves

Blower FPZ

For low pressure pneumatic transport of powders and granules in combination with valves or injectors with pressure up to 0.6 bar.

FPZ brochure

Blower Pedro Gil

Roots-blower for such as pneumatic transport - fluidizing drains / beds and elsewhere you want pressure or vacuum in industrial plants. Pressure up to 1.0 bar.

Farbrikat Pedro Gil


Pneumatic conveying of abrasive materials is synonymous with great wear especially in bends. Here, we offer solutions depending on the material to be transported: various types wear resistant bend, pipe bends coated with ceramic material or rubber bend to name a few.

Gericke Elbow

Morris Couplings

The "original" Morris connector for easy connection of piping systems. Stocked with AG in size Ø 48.3 to Ø 168 mm. Material: Galvanized steel and white neoprene gasket.

Morris couplings

Fluidization drains with dose damper

For efficient transport of fluidize-able and weary material drains with fluidizing fabric is used.


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