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AG Tenter Systems

Tenters have been used by the forming fabric industry since the 1960’s, when the first synthetic forming fabrics became commercially available. Today, tenters are an indispensable part of any stretching machine for forming fabrics. Further, dryer fabric manufacturers have found that the combination of our Air Through Compact and AG Tenter 2 will result in a much higher production capacity than any other type of heatsetting equipment.

In recent years, we have noticed an increasing interest in the use of tenters for press felts, namely for the heatsetting of the base fabrics.

Our standard tenter system, AG Tenter 2, was developed in cooperation with a forming fabric manufacturer in 1991. The prototype was a success right from the installation, and the customer placed his order for his next tenter less than 2 months after the installation of the prototype. As of January 2009, we have received orders for 75 units.

This has made us by far the leading supplier of tenters to the industry in this period, with a market share of about 80%.

Our latest tenter development is the AG Tenter 2x2. This is a system designed to cover the needs of press felt manufacturers for a certain type of products.


Tenter 2

The AG Tenter 2 is a driven tenter. Thus avoiding formation of the bow. We hold a patent on the drive system of the AG Tenter 2 in several countries.

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Tenter 2x2

Our AG Tenter 2x2 is for base fabrics and is tentering two fabrics simultaneously, while allowing them to shrink differently under full cross machine tension control.

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