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Paper Machine Clothing (PMC)

Paper machine clothing, or felts and fabrics if you like, are advanced textile products manufactured from synthetic fibers by specialized companies. As part of the manufacturing process, the products undergo heat treatment to obtain the required properties. As early as in the 1960-ies, we introduced hot air technology for heatsetting. Today, Alfsen og Gunderson is the leading supplier world-wide in this area.

In modern paper machines, which produce paper in widths exceeding 10 meters, the paper is transported through the machine by means of felts and fabrics.

Our first hot air system to this industry was delivered to Den Norske Papirfiltfabrikk in 1965, and exceeded by far the expectations of the customer. Since then, we have supplied more than 210 heatsetting systems of various types to customers in 25 countries. The combination of our heatsetting systems and tenters has set a standard for the treatment of high quality fabrics.
We market our equipment all over the world. In Japan, our heatsetting systems are manufactured under license. We established our Beijing office in January 2004 to serve the Chinese market.

The speed of the paper through the machine may exceed 2000 meters/min. In the first part of the machine, water is drained from a fiber suspension through fine mesh forming fabrics. In the next part, the paper web and the transporting press felt are squeezed between large rolls. Further out in the paper machine, the paper dries by direct contact with steam-heated rolls at temperatures in the range of 150°C, while being supported by dryer fabrics.
To withstand the extreme strain and environment they are exposed to, the felts and fabrics must undergo treatment at elevated temperature with very close temperature tolerances during manufacturing.



Heatsetting systems

Over the years, Alfsen og Gunderson has developed a wide range of hot air systems, designed for the treatment of paper machine clothing.

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Tenter systems

Over the last two decades we have delivered more than 70 tenters, also called stenters, to the Paper Machine Clothing (PMC) industry, making us the numer one choise for this kind of equipment.

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Control systems

We do control systems not only for our own machine deliveries, but also for complete heatsetting tables with HMI and recipe systems.

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