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Filter Bags

AG supplies filter bags for all types of filter systems in the industry.

  • We guide you in choosing filter material and designing the filter bag for optimal cleaning and minimal emissions.
  • Filter bags are produced in different material types, based on temperature, particle size, particle type, degree of humidity, chemicals, etc.
  • We have very good knowledge of which filter materials are suitable for different industrial processes.
  • If necessary, we carry out laboratory examinations of used filter bags or dust samples to find the best suitable filter material for your filter.
  • All filter bags are produced to order.
  • Specifications of the filter bags must be provided by the customer, but AG will assist and check the information and check it against our database.
  • We archive all specific information on the filter bags we have delivered and we always check new orders against previous deliveries.
  • We visit our customers regularly and provide training and follow-up at the factory.
  • We have the most competent professional in Norway for filter bags and filter systems.
  • We are always available, have a short response time and the best delivery time.
  • Filter bags from AG are produced mainly in needle felt and we always find a quality that matches your needs.
  • Most types of felt are thermo plastic and can thus be welded.
  • We benefit from this through our automated welding line when joining the longitudinal seam and we can therefore ensure a very high and uniform quality at a competitive price.
  • The design itself is done with focus on optimal fit on support baskets and hole plates.
  • This way we achieve a perfect result that is easy to install and can be reproduced again and again.


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