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Filter systems

Our engineers possess extensive experience in designing effective systems. Together with our customers we come up with solutions that meet the applicable regulations, maintain optimal energy efficiency, a good work environment and stability in the production process.  We supply a complete range of filters based on the different needs found throughout the industry. Our filters can be adapted to serve most industrial processes. AG also deliver equipment for material handling - we take care of everything from dust extraction and filtration, to material feeding, transport and storage. We design each facility to meet customer requirements - also ATEX.



AG deliver filters for most industrial processes and offer tailor-made facilities according to customer requirements. We also offer a wide variety of standardized solutions that ensure well proven functionality for each facility.  

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Suction system

AG design and deliver all parts of the filter system; from hood to stack. Together with the customer we analyse the challenges and design the filter system for optimal performance in each case.

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Turn-key solutions

Throughout the industry there are many considerations that must be met and the demands are high, reaching from energy efficiency and total cost to operator-friendly solutions and equipment finish.

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