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Alfsen og Gunderson AS has merged with parent company Alfsen og Gunderson Management AS

Dear customers and suppliers,

We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that Alfsen og Gunderson AS has merged with parent company Alfsen og Gunderson Management AS.

This has been done to simplify the company structure and administrative work, while strengthening our significant solidity.

The company name Alfsen og Gunderson AS will remain unchanged, but with a new registration number; 967 858 587 VAT.

The merger will not affect you as a customer or supplier and all contracts and agreements will be continued. Our bank details (DNB), account number, visitor address and invoice address will remain unchanged.

We look forward to continuing our successful cooperation. Questions regarding this matter can be directed to CFO Bjørg Vreim ørbeck via email:

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