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Powder Handling

Most industrial manufacturing and cleaning processes involve handling powder and granulates. AG offers a complete programme of systems and components that satisfy the demands of today’s manufacturing plants.


Alfsen og Gunderson delivers dehumidifiers for use in shipping, offshore, industry (food manufacturing, pharmaceutical etc.), Defence sector, water production plants, power plants and storage facilities.

New fish (bacalao) drying system

With a combination of sorption dehumidification and heat pump technology, Alfsen og Gunderson have developed a new system for chamber drying of clipfish / bacalao.

Water treatment

We are a premium supplier of all types of water treatment technology. We design and supply complete treatment plants for drinking and process water. We supply package solutions for offshore that satisfy the stringent requirements.


Pumps and pump technology has been a core activity  at Alfsen og Gunderson since the start up in 1926. We represent well known manufacturers for all common applications. 

Dust and Gas Filtration

A healthy environment is not just a matter of satisfying governmental requirements and regulations, but a matter also of local environment, work environment and employee health; frankly investing in people. AG helps find the right solutions for your business. We design and deliver tailor made facilities according to your specific requirements.

Service and Maintenance

All technical equipment requires inspection, follow-up and preventive maintenance in order to deliver optimum performance. Service is therefore part of our quality concept at AG, and applies throughout our business.


Arild Breistrand

Arild Breistrand
Team Manager Product Sales

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